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Many believe that the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the round table are fake. But over 5,000 years ago, the people of Aarin believed. Here they believe and worship these godlike figures and have based their civilization upon their principles. For years the people followed King Arthur and his Knights. The King and the Knights were thought to be immortal, surviving battle and age for centuries, until they suddenly disappeared. One by one they just vanished. The first to vanish was King Arthur, and Lancelot decided to build the city of Leverpoint, the capitol of Ebrox in honor of their King. Then, they all disappeared. All of the Knights simply vanished, leaving the world in chaos. The world split, and soon enough all of Ebrox was at war with each other. Now, there is only honor left in few across the world and only some of those few try to restore the world's chaos.

To make things better, barbarians to the North decided to make war with Ebrox attacking, and conquering two of Ebrox's cities.

And from the South, dragons are coming down from the mountains, already killing countless of innocents.

Arthur fell. The Knights fell. Aarin is falling.

The world and it's peoples are crying for help. Who will answer their call? Who will become the next guardians of Aarin?

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